Thursday, May 18, 2017

Selfie Market Trend

Current trend of Consumers preference towards buying Smartphone:-
(1) Likely prefer to have beyond 8MP camera Front/Rear
(2) Price
(3) Memory Space & RAM
(4) Operating System
(5) All others remaining features/specifications

In Earlier time, consumers were giving most priority of mobile strength & battery backup but since 2 years, the entire trend has swing into Selfie moment. Consumers are looking into first the effects of camera , price & RAM/Memory space because market is became highly digitalize with visualize so accordingly entire consumer buying behavioral pattern has been changed.

Consumers are more preferred to buy Smartphone from Flipkart or Amazon as well as online buying sales ratio is higher than retail outlets due to price factor. Brands like Oppo, Vivo, Gionee, Micromax have been chased good amount of market share since Selfie trend growing though Samsung is leading in the Indian market. These brands are driving well into the market due to its camera, RAM/Memory & price.  Because brands have taken ‘Selfie Market Trend’ opportunity through consistently & aggressive branding in which emphasizing more about camera results. 

Television Commercial

The brand campaign ratio of Oppo & Vivo is much higher than market leader Samsung & as a core sponsored in IPL -10, brands have taken the right opportunity at precise time to represent the brand equity.  Both the brands have been covered few% market share from Samsung likewise 3 -4 years ago Samsung has been done the same & covered the massive market share from Nokia.

It should not taking the lightly for any rival brands in order to survive in the market because youth target market is urge to more on camera & price features and now a day’s there are brands like Oppo, Vivo, Micromax  in-demand of 13MP & beyond dual camera with  which are mostly buying through online.   

“Simple but core strategy is to understand the consumer preference on current trend & grab the market opportunity “.

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