Friday, September 22, 2017

Feminine Hygiene Market: Sanitary Pads/Tampons

Market penetration & Consumptions of Sanitary pad/ Tampon/Cap is seems like null in India, not only the despite of awareness but also due to certain specific factors like price. In Recent, Sofy has launched TVC campaign of Sofy Tampons which is educating about how to use & advantage Tampons during period.

Soft Tampons TVC:

Tampons Brands available in India Online/Offline: Sofy, Bella, OB, Tampax, Masmi, Playtex etc.

To launch Tampon TV campaign is taken excellent initiative because it is challengeable task to represent the complete communication by methodically in India.  It would be get productive results if further represent the same communication on ground level as a strategic part. Because of there are lesser women having knowledge about usage tampons as compared to sanitary pads in India.

Indian Market till 2015
Core features where Consumers are looking for:
(1) Quality of cotton cloth
(2) Absorption level in high/low flow
(3) Safety in terms of rashes/fungal/ odor etc. or any other infections
(4) Convenience & Comfortable in terms of leakage, dry etc. during outside working hours

Core Challenge for Marketers:
(1) High Cost
(2) Level of acceptance is lower across the urban/rural market despite of awareness
(3) Lower market penetration due to social aspect
(4) To change the perception level from normal cloth to hygiene pad/tampons/cup for those who can afford but not using.   

Strategy Execution to increase penetration & consumption:
(1) Integrate with CSR + BTL activity where it can get maximum coverage at ground level and solve the queries/problem immediate. Brands cannot get expected results by launching various 30 or 40 second TV advt. /OOH campaign for this product category because it is extremely connected with direct consumers. 

(2) Educate properly like Day wise usage, how many times/within hours should change the pad, which type of pad should use age group wise/ in high or low flow etc.

(3) To be increased the confidence level of women which can change the perception

(4) Cost must be affordable in order to increase the penetration & consumption because of many of few Indian market is covered by NGOs, Social workers & local brand in rural/urban area where are offering qualitative sanitary pad in economical price as well as creating awareness to women about usage of pad.

Awareness + Educate can give Productive Customer experience + satisfaction …

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