Monday, December 31, 2018

Savlon Pen Sanitizer by ITC

Recently, ITC brand Savlon has rolled out into Sanitizer category and launched Savlon Pen Sanitizer in Spray form. An excellent innovation is done by Savlon which is creating a new opportunity to gain the market share. Pen Sanitizer format itself can be core proposition in the Sanitizer segment. Consumers are now slowly switching over into Sanitizer category, however handwash market is very large which is mainly dominated by Dettol & lifebuoy. Though it is an essential to create in-depth awareness as well as difference between the usage of handwash & hand sanitizer.

According to Nilesen Market Research:
Total Antiseptic Liquid market:- INR 650 crore (Appx.)
Total Handwash Market :- INR 610 crore (Appx.) – Rapidly Growing appx. 15 to 20%
Total Hand sanitizer Market:- INR 75 crore (Appx.) – Growing steadily, though awareness to be required.

Hand sanitizer Core market Segmentation:
(1) Foam hand sanitizer
(2) Gel hand sanitizer
(3) Sanitizing hand wipes
(4) Spray hand sanitizer

Mostly gel based hand sanitizer is being consumed in the market rather than spray form. Savlon has created clutter breaking Pen form hand sanitizer in order to gain the market share. There is a huge opportunity to penetrate the rural & urban market by communicating conceptually as a Pen Sanitizer.
The concept of Pen is representing that it can move easily anywhere in your pocket and can give a hygiene solution before eat anything.

TVC Link:  (Savlon Pen Sanitizer)

An animated Chhota Bheem iconic campaign is targeting to children and conveying message of Pen sanitizer before eat. In the campaign, showing classroom location is perfectly targeting but overall huge lack of campaign effectiveness, even though it has not found any other campaign or aggressive brand promotion. For any campaigning of an innovative product, an ‘Effectiveness’ is an essential factor and playing a key role to appeal the target audience. As well, it is also needed to consistent promotion of the brand which is creating not only awareness but also urge to buy & at least taste of your product like e.g. Fogg Deo. The other significant point is that to represent the method of 'how to sanitize hand properly' which can bring positive results.

Marketers are an extremely emphasizing on ‘customer comfortness & convenience’.
Many brands are now coming up with small form of packaging in all major segment especially personal care/herbal care/FMCG market which we are facing regularly through various medium.

According to current competitive market scenario, any of brand cannot survive into the market WITHOUT:
(1) Consistent product innovation (For both Existing & New)
(2) End to End Customer Service (For B2B, B2C)
(3) Market Penetration by identifying the market gap
(4) Consistent innovative Marketing & Communication Strategy/Execution

Product Innovation =An Effective Communication

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Handwash by Lifebuoy - Germ Nashini

Soap to Sanitizer journey, Lifebuoy identity remains unchanged as ‘Germs Protection’.  Lifebuoy is more emphasizing towards CSR activities since few years and making efforts towards changing habit of handwash. And again, Lifebuoy has rolled out with unique & innovative CSR campaign during the Durga Puja festival, and specific given the campaign name as ‘Germ Nashini – i.e. Germs Removing – Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.

TVC:   (Launched in Oct.’18)

Overall campaign is very precise & decent, but the core concern part is that how it’s been executed by expressing the reality. Its fact that lot many people are not washing hands while taking ‘Bhog’ hence, every time Lifebuoy is making efforts to change your habit through innovative ideas which is realizing the significance of ‘handwash’.

In 2013, Lifebuoy had also been done an excellent campaign which urge to change your mind.

Any type of innovative brand campaign can bring the change only when it is accepted by audience, and it becomes more exciting when it’s connecting directly with CSR. Most astonishing brands which are always coming with an innovative CSR concept which is connecting you directly on practical way: Like Tata Tea (, Fevicol (Todo nahi, Jodo), Lifebuoy (Wash hand before eat).

Mostly two type of CSR campaign is being launched by Brands:
(1) CSR campaign where there is an indirect connectivity between brand & CSR communication (Like Brand Name Institute/offering scholarship, blood donation camp sponsored by brand etc.)
(2) CSR campaign where there is direct connectivity between brand & CSR communication (Like brand & social message having direct strong relevance

In any CSR campaign, one thing should keep memorize that campaign must be relevant to the ‘Reality’ which will be presenting the responsibilities towards the society.  Brand relevance is the core concern in any CSR strategy which is giving an additional impact on brand value & loyalty like Lifebuoy ‘Germ Nashini’ campaign is precisely conveying message & aware about to importance of handwash which gives direct impact on brand trustworthiness.

Consistent such kind of innovative campaign is sustaining the connection between consumers & brand which gives the utmost consumers experience towards brand value.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Kerala is Open : Brand Re-launch

To create Brand Re-launch communication is an extremely challenge-able task out of above mentioned brand purpose. Here is a recent live example which can be considered one of the best Brand Re-launch strategic communication with CSR combination by Samsonite(Luggage brand): ‘Kerala Tourism’ – Effect of authentic Emotions.

We all know that Kerala is familiar with God’s own country & recently was disastrous with flood, suffered huge loss where family are mostly relying on tourism market. Samsonite India (Luggage brand) has taken this opportunity as a part of CSR by Re-launching the Kerala which is conveying message about ‘Safety, Trust, Ready to receive, we are back & we are open’

Television Commercial:  (Kerala is Open)
At the end of campaign, Samsonite has highlighted very silently its luggage brand 'evoa'.

Excellent CSR campaign endorsed & explored by Samsonite India which is presenting the message of ‘Revive & Welcome back to Kerala’ that supports to build the ‘Trust & Confidence’.  In this campaign, Emotions are urging to visitors that break for Kerala which is directly touching heart of those who are die hard for Kerala backwaters, eco-tourism, wildlife sanctuaries etc. Moreover, campaign is executed on perfect time as Vacation period is very next to the month of November.

Television Commercial:  (It’s time for Kerala)

Emotional appeal is playing a vital role in advertising campaign which is being run on TV, Print, OOH,Radio, Digital, Word of Mouth, BTL promotional activities or any other. The most significant in advertising campaign that How to place & Execute emotions on right time along with the content. Emotions are playing multiple roles according to the branding purpose& communication such as:
Major Brand Purpose & Communication
Various Emotional appeal according to Campaigning  on TV/OOH/Print/Radio/Digital
(1) Branding / Corporate Branding
like highlighting only brand/corporate brand festival wish, Gratitude campaign etc.
(2) Brand Awareness campaign
Consistent highlighting brand on various place (likewise Sponsorship)
(3) New Brand Launch campaign
Campaign includes about new brand & its features
(4) Brand Re-launch campaign
Campaign like Revamp brand, presenting  the high level of confidence & trust
(5) Sale Promotional brand campaign
Campaign like for scheme/discount/contest/prize winning etc.
(6) Brand Recall campaign
Release various campaign with same message

In current market trend, many CSR branding strategy have seen but this can be a first integrate strategic combination between CSR with Brand Re-Launch as well as on the right time execution.

To make successful brand Re-launch, the aim should be Regain the Trust, Confidence & loyalty of Brand not only in the campaign but also practically too where consumers can get satisfaction. Always remember that Brand equity is relying on its commitment towards consumers. 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Amazon to AmazonPay & Paytm to PaytmMall

In recent, Amazon has forayed into bill payment & recharge services, if looking into the current market, Amazon has penetrated very late in the categories like Mobile Recharges, DTH Recharges, bill payments, travel & movie booking. Many brands already exist in this categories and Paytm is leading brand amongst the rival brands.

Foremost Consumers are using following mode of payment tools (Brands) category-wise:
For Mobile Recharges, DTH Recharges: Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik
For bill payment like Electricity, Gas, broadband etc.:- Paytm, Mobikwik
For Movie ticket booking:- Bookmyshow, Paytm
For Travel- Bus:- Redbus, Paytm, Travelyaari
For Travel- Flight:- Goibibo , Makymytrip, Cleartrip, Paytm,, Easemytrip

Above mentioned all brands are well-established in this categorized market and becoming extremely competitive to survive in the market. Across the Digital market, the primary feature is ‘level of consistency’ which must be needed & extremely influence on the brand equity. Everyday we are facing new features, services, offers and obtaining satisfactory advantages from it.

It has not seems any impact on rival brands since launched this service by Amazon as well as not found that aggressiveness, excitement campaigning likewise Aur dikhao , Apni dukan. The core competency is offers/promo code/cashback/discount/reward points for any online recharge/bill payment/travel booking etc. where consumers are obtaining maximum advantages from it.

Few Live Brand examples where you will find Daily Promo Code in:
(1) At least 5-7 promo code for any recharge/movie ticket/bill payment services
(2) At least 4-6 promo code for bus/rail/flight booking

Mobikwik & Freecharge:-
(1) At least 4-5 promo code for any recharge/bill payment services

Goibibo , Makymytrip, Cleartrip:-
(1) At least 3-4 promo code flight/hotel booking

For any industry, brands need to be updated consistently every day in order to survive in competitive market. It would be better either Amazon can begin to avail daily new offers/ promo code aggressively like rival brands or should emphasize on retail market. Paytm has been started journey from recharge services, established loyalty, and then expanded its portfolio by giving brand name Paytm Mall whereas Amazon journey is totally reverse side.  

 Eventually, the significant is to decide an effective time to launch brand/services according to market trend and can serve effectively based on it. Today, market trend is highly flexible & vary rapidly, hence it is required to compare and analysis between current market gap & level of competition.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Online Food Delivery : Swiggy

Almost a decade ago, Domino’s pizza had been conceptualized campaign of guaranteed 30 minutes pizza home delivery, while today consumers are getting online food delivery at home from their choice of restaurant through leading brands Swiggy & Zomato. Especially  Brand Swiggy has revamped this concept with advance tech, features &  consumers convenience  of which seems result is growing successfully.

Key Highlights: Increasing ‘Online Food Delivery Trend’ in India:
  • Quick, convenience delivery at your door step & avoid long queue in restaurant.
  • Easy & Hassle-free ordering process.
  • Live order tracking facility.
  • Avail facility of ‘No minimum order value’ especially in Swiggy only.
  • Various offers/discounts/promo codes on desire restaurants which keeps billing cost-effective.

Age Group 18 to 30 years: Online food order ratio is higher during Week Days
Age Group 18 to 40 years: Online food order ratio is higher during Week Ends

Key Market Players: - Swiggy (Market leader), Zomato, Food Panda, Uber Eats, Fassso’s, Fresh Menu 

Orders coming from: > 80% contribution coming from Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi & Chennai.

Television Commercial:-

Since launching the campaign by Swiggy which conveying message that ‘No minimum order value’ required, the entire trend has turned the way like at least once a time, any consumers are willingly  try to give an order of food online and get the experienced.  
Swiggy has been changed the entire trend of online food delivery market and created tough competition between rivals where (1) % of Profit Margin is very thin and (2) Investment is very high on Tech to manage on-time delivery services.  Though, online food order market is growing double times within the year only and daily no. of orders volume is being increased.

In order to sustain in the competitive market as well as brand loyalty, it must needed to emphasize on the utmost significant features which will increase the volume of daily orders repeatedly:
(1) On-time delivery services
(2) Precise packing quality
(3) Delivery Executive greets towards consumers
(4) Easy Transaction process
(5) Accurate Address /Location Finder Tech
(6) Quick Customer care services

Trend changing process is becoming very faster across the industry as changing the consumer lifestyle which seems more customized, tech savvy & convenience, admired brands like Paytm, Amazon, Fogg, Patanjali, Uber/Ola Cab, Swiggy etc. have been changed the entire market trend. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Oral-B 'Neem Extract' Toothbrush

Key Highlights of Oral care Segment Market
Toothpaste: Dominant in Oral care Market
Manual Toothbrush : Huge penetration in Indian market. &                                                            Electric Toothbrush: New concept & emerging in Urban India as well opportunity to tap the market.
Slightly growing
Huge Penetration in Rural Mkt. but now shifting from powder to Toothpaste
Other oral care

Toothbrush Key brands in India: Colgate-Pamolive,           P &G(Oral-B), Himalaya, HUL, Anchor, Patanjali, Dabur, GSK (Sensodyne)

Recently, Oral-B has extended its toothbrush brand portfolio and launched ‘Neem Extract’ toothbrush in India in which toothbrush bristles are made with Neem. As well Neem is considering strong ayurvedic element which cares of teeth/gum etc. so Oral-B brush is trying to give feel & touch of Neem stick as a substitute.
Since 3 years, the whole oral care market has already been shifted into the ayurvedic/herbal form after Patanjali has aggressively forayed into the market.

Bristles are the core competency in toothbrush, hence strategic communication should present an awareness about quality & features of toothbrush bristles. There is a huge opportunity for Oral-B to penetrate ‘Neem Extract’ toothbrush by taking first mover advantage in the market because no any other brands are exist in ‘Neem extract’ toothbrush.  Despite of slip down market share of Colgate, it is still leader in oral care market in India however, Oral- B can gain good market coverage as well as keep away from the competition if this toothbrush can be accepted by consumers.

 To survive in competitive market, innovation or invention is a core element for any industry across the market. Looking into current trend, consumers are much faster with market update and make themselves upgrade accordingly.  Practically every 3-4 days, either we are facing or appearing various innovative products & services across the industries. In addition, being a consumer we prefer to try something new taste on regular interval while visiting in malls/retail outlets or any relevant place.  
                      Consistent Innovation = Keep Brand Sustain in Competition

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

CSR Market & Brand Trend

Value of CSR = Value of Trust, and it worth’s only when fulfill the commitment 100%. In CSR, Brand is integrating with Society where the actual purpose is towards contribution for society. Looking into the current market trend, it seems growth in CSR and after digital marketing, nowadays many other medium/large size of companies are spending fix% on CSR out of total mktg. budget.     

Various CSR campaign commercial:  : Samsung Technical School – A CSR Initiative - We care for the girl child Out #StandByToughMoms  : Bournvita Exam Time Sale : Your second home | Join hands for the cause of women suffering from Postpartum Depression

CSR assist to increase the trust towards brand & corporate identity, as well also create an indirect awareness in untapped market too. Nowadays CSR is highly engaged & integrated with social media by creating Hashtag trend where brand gets prompt review/feedback/comments about the campaign. Moreover, the core significant of CSR is that it is creating an opportunity to connect with direct consumers, easily convey precise message and understand the suggestions/demand from existing or new customers. Brand value can also identify based on CSR execution & effectiveness regarding brand trust & loyalty.      
Source - (Click to enlarge image)
Mainly brands have been taken initiative on healthcare, rural development, environment & education category which can be considered core part amongst the categories. 

Any CSR campaign will provide the valuable results only either ‘strong relevance between brand & CSR category like  Lifebuoy, Stayfree, Fevicol  CSR campaign etc. ‘ or ‘must have to create conceptual campaign like Tata Tea , Google Reunion etc  were an effective & interesting campaign despite of there is not any relevance between brand & CSR category.

After ‘Word of mouth communication, CSR is one of the strongest medium for brand re-call because brand re-call is not just simply remember/identify  the brand but in addition to its more relevance about loyalty, faith, sustainability & eternal impact across the marketLikewise Digital marketing, today, CSR is became an essential part for the company/brand across the industry in order to sustain brand loyalty in the market.
            ‘Rise Committed CSR = Arise Brand Value ‘